Mission Objectives Is there a clear vision?
Are the goals, business case, success criteria clear?
Are the goals aligned with the organisation's strategy?
Are there measurement criteria for project success
Are the requirments clear?
Is the scope clearly defined?
Scale Long timescale
Large number of resources
Large number of deliverables
High value/budget
High profile, e.g., strategic/controversial
Broad scope, e.g., product for a global market place
Uncertainty Are there interdependencies with other projects?
Are there competing priorities between projects?
Does it involve new technology?
Has the project been done before?
Is the timescale realistic?
Are the implications and side-effects understood?
Is there a large number of unknowns?
Have assumptions been tested?
Is there a large solution space?
Are there many ways of achieving the solution?
Is there a high degree of urgency?
Is the budget defined?
Are there significant intangible benefits?
Are there interdpendencies within the project?
Are there multiple technology interfaces?
Is the product aimed at a new market?
Is product highly customized?
Constraints Are there legislative or compliance constraints?
Health and Safety
Organisation Time Are there multiple timezones?
Space Are team members colocated?
Is there face-to-face communication between team members?
Geography Are there multiple languages?
Are there multiple currencies?
Project/orga fit Is there a mismatch between structures of project (matrix) and organisation (departments)?
Is delivery to a non-project based organisation?
Orga change Does the project involve organisational restructuring?
Does the project involve cultural change?
Is there ongoing organisational restructuring that impacts the project?
Delivery Administration Is the project data collection accurate?
Is the project data collection true?
Is the project data collection complete?
Is the true progress/status of the project known?
Is there information overload?
Is status communicated effectively up, down, and sideways?
Is the procurement process effective? Are inputs acquired in a timely manner?
Decision-making Is there effective governance of project decision making?
How many levels of management involved in decision making?
Change mgmt. Is the change management process cost effective?
Is it sufficiently flexible?
Project processes Are project processes defined, standardised but not over-bureaucratic?
Is there a clear responsibility for tasks and deliverables?
Are work packages well defined?
PM methodology Is there a common methodology used throughout the project?
What is the maturity level of the organisation?
How well does the project team understand the methodology?
Is the methodology used for real?
Is the methodology appropriately adapted to the project?
Ressources - HR Are human resources shared across projects?
Who controls human resources for the project?
Does the project manager have control over resource selection?
Do human resources have sufficient %FTE allocated to the project?
To what extent is there reliance on key experts?
What is the availability of key experts?
Ressources - Tech Does the project have tool support?
Are the tools new?
Are the tools home-grown/unsupported?
Ressources - Finance How flexible is the project budget?
Stakeholders Stakeholder identification How many stakeholders are there?
Are there any unidentified stakeholders?
Support for project Have stakeholders buy-in to the project?
Have committment to the project?
Interfere with the project?
Have sufficiently available time for the project?
Resist the project?
Take ownership of the project?
Do they respond to project needs in a timely manner?
Relationship basis Is the relationship between the project and stakeholders contractual?
Experience Do the stakeholders have realistic expectations of the project?
Do they have domain experience?
Do they have project management experience?
Do they understand the implications of the project?
Power Do the stakeholders have power to make decisions.
Have authority?
Have accountability?
Key stakeholders Is there senior management support?
Is there clear sponsor?
Are unions involved?
Sociopolitical Have the stakeholder groups worked together before?
Are there hidden agendas/unsurfaced assumptions?
Is there conflict between stakeholders?
Are there power struggles between stakeholders?
Do the requirements of different stakeholders conflict?
Are there competing priorities between stakeholders?
Is there a shared understanding of the aim of the project among stakeholders?
Interdependencies Are there interdependencies between stakeholders? (e.g. between suppliers)
Team Project staff Are the team members motivated?
Do the team members have a good attitude?
Are the team members knowledgeable and competent in all aspects
of the project (business, technical, and project management)?
Are the team members committed to the project?
What is the level of sickness/leaves?
Do the team members have sufficient prior experience in all aspects
of the project (business, technical, and project management)?
Does the project involve multiple languages, and technical disciplines?
Has sufficient training be conducted?
Project manager Is the project manager an effective communicator?
Does the project manager display leadership?
Does the project manager have authority?
Group Are there cultural differences between team members?
Are there personality clashes/rivalry within the team?
Have the team members worked together before?
Do the team members trust each other?
Does the team have a shared vision for the project?