A Case Study of Project and Stakeholder Management Failures: Lessons Learned (Sutterfield et al., 2006)

Stakeholder Management

Sutterfield, J. S. Friday-Stroud, S. S. Shivers-Blackwell, S. L.: A Case Study of Project and Stakeholder Management Failures – Lessons Learned; in: Journal of Project Management, Vol. 37 (2006), No. 5, pp. 26-35.

Sutterfield et al. describe a framework for managing the project’s stakeholders from the perspective of the project manager. Their framework includes the following 9 steps

  1. Identify project vision and mission
  2. Conduct project SWOT analysis
  3. Identify the stakeholders and their goals
  4. Identify selection criteria for strategies on how to manage the stakeholders and identify alternative strategies to manage the stakeholders
  5. Select PSM strategy for each stakeholder (PSM in this case is neither project safety management, nor procurement strategy management, but rather project stakeholder management)
  6. Acquire and allocate resources to manage stakeholders
  7. Implement the selected PSM strategies
  8. Evaluate the implemented PSM strategies
  9. Seek and incorporate continuous feedback

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