Success Factors in IT Projects (Fortune & White 2006 and Nasir & Sahibuddin 2011)

Fortune, J. & White, D., 2006. Framing of project critical success factors by a systems model. International Journal of Project Management, 24(1), pp.53-65. Available at:

Nasir, N.H.M. & Sahibuddin, S., 2011. Critical success factors for software projects : A comparative study. Scientific Research and Essays, 6(10), pp.2174-2186.

I have come across many bits of work in progress now that try to make a selection of what are the success factors in IT projects. Well, these two articles of note publish a fairly comprehensive literature review that spans the plethora of studies on this topic. Fortune & White reviewed 63 articles in total, Nasir & Sahibuddin 43. The first one includes also reviews of hard to find conference papers and case studies that have not made it on the web yet, so the details of some of these studies are hard to verify.

Here is a google spreadsheet with the key comparison between what are the success factors in both reviews ordered by the amount of evidence the authors found to support each factor.

Link to the spreadsheet

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