Balancing strategy and tactics in project implementation (Pinto & Slevin 1987)

Balancing Strategy and Tactics

Pinto, J.K.; Slevin, D.P.: Balancing strategy and tactics in project implementation; in: Sloan Management Review, (1987), pp. 33–41.

This article is a very classic. It is one of the most cited articles on success factors in research papers on IT projects. Pinto & Slevin outline 10 critical success factors (most of them seem common sense today), which are make-or-break factors on any given project

  1. Communication
  2. Project Mission
  3. Top Management Support
  4. Project Schedule
  5. Client Consultations
  6. Personnel Recruitment, Training, and Selection
  7. Technical Tasks
  8. Client Acceptance
  9. Monitoring & Feedback
  10. Trouble Shooting

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