Revisiting the Implementation Metaphor (Borum & Christiansen 2006)

Theoretical Basis of PM

Borum, Finn; Christiansen, John: Revisiting the implementation metaphor–a comment on “Actors and structure in IS Projects: What makes implementation happen?“, in: Scandinavian Journal of Management; Vol. 22 (2006), No. 3, pp. 238-242.

Borum & Christiansen outline which concepts of organisation research they found in their previously published case study research. Somehow Project Management Research seems to be a bit behind the mainstream areas of administration, economics, or organisational research. However Borum & Christiansen provide a comprehensive list of Organisation Theories which conceptualise project behaviour:

  • Neo-Institutional Theory (structure vs. process)
  • Network Theory (actors and dynamic networks)
  • Social constructivism (social fabrics everywhere)
  • Structuration theory (dichotomies everywhere + structure is created by repetition of behaviour)
  • Cultural perspectives on organisations (integrate-differentiate-fragment)
  • Case Study Research (micro processes)

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